Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What If...

Several weeks ago, Sisters by Heart reached out to our HLHS community asking families to submit photos of their heart kids with their care team members to be used in a special project. We are so excited to finally be able to share this special video project that debuted at the Spring National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPCQIC) Learning Session!  
The video features the song “What If” by Five For Fighting; to say the lyrics are powerful would be an understatement. 

What If

It is safe to say we expected the crowd to react positively to the video, but what happened next came as a complete shock and truly moved the entire room (parents, cardiologists, nurses, dieticians, quality improvement experts, etc.) to tears.  Dr. Gail Wright, upon watching the “What If” video, wrote down her raw, emotional thoughts to parents, then courageously read them to a room filled with nearly 200 participants:

What If….?
What if…
               I told you we are not in control?
What if…
               I told you that there are not answers?
What if…
I told you that I wish there was really a Journeyboard, rather than wide open space?
What if…
               I told you I don’t know?
What if…
               I told you I don’t understand why this happens either?
What if…
               I told you I can’t make that part better?
What if…
I told you a bunch of knuckleheads won’t cough up the money to educate the nurses who are taking care of your baby tonight and that fighting for that is sucking the very marrow out of me?
What if…
I told you your life has changed forever today, but somehow you will keep walking forward?
What if…
I asked you how we can go forth together not knowing what’s going to happen?
What if…
I told you take a picture now in the CVICU so we can laugh together at his high school graduation?
What if…
I looked you in the eye and told you that your son is a miracle and is why I really do believe in miracles  ?
What if…
I told you there are literally 300 people today who will be holding your baby in their hands with their focused attention and deepest intentions?
What if…
I tell someone that taking care of babies with half a heart has taught me how to live whole-heartedly?
Gail E Wright, MD
April 26, 2014
Upon viewing the “What if?” video by Sisters By Heart NPCQIC Learning Session
Cincinnati, Ohio

This - yes this - is a prime example of openness and transparency amongst parents and clinicians.  These types of interactions and candid discussions will help reshape the way pediatric medicine is practiced.  Parents and clinicians, coming together as partners, to move mountains.  What better place to start than with pediatric cardiology?  What better time to start than now?

Please feel free to share this post with your cardiac center leaders; let them know you're committed to working as a partner to transform the practice of pediatric cardiology on a broad scale. 

Many thanks to Gail Wright - for taking a giant leap forward and improving upon our work together, as partners, to move mountains for HLHS children - and beyond.  


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