Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creative Moms: Warrior Scrapbooking

A few weeks ago, we heard from one of our recipient moms, Sarah.  Her daughter, Cecilia is inpatient and working diligiently on feeding in order to return home following her Norwood.  Sadly, Sarah is not able to be at Cecilia's bedside 24/7 as her other children (5 adorable girls total) need her love and comfort as well. 

Cecilia and her big sisters (soooo adorable!)

To help ease some of Sarah's pain, she created a "Heart Friends" scrapbook for Cecilia - so she'd know she's never alone.  It's true, Cecilia has many heart friends cheering her on.  Sisters by Heart loved this idea and invited Sarah to share her creativity with you, along with some photos of Cecilia's book.

Getting Crafty with Sarah:

As a Heart Mom, we turn to each other for advice, support, and reassurance that we are not alone. We have places in our hearts reserved for each Warrior and Angel, and root for them just as hard as we do for our own child.

I wanted to make something for my HLHS fighter, Cecilia, to share stories of hope with her.  And so, I came up with a scrapbooking project and included all of our "Heart Friends."  As my intention began for Cecilia to find comfort in this scrapbook, it also served a purpose in bringing myself extra comfort.   Creating Cecilia's Heart Friends book became a major coping tool for me, reminding me we are not alone, and as well reinforcing hope.

In this journey most of us will face depression or have trouble accepting that there is nothing we can do to fix our child's heart defect. Sometimes to keep us getting through the moment, it helps to focus on the Warriors who are thriving. It can be hard to watch your fighter with uncertainty, not able to let go and trust that they will progress and become another face of HOPE ♥.   All of us need to focus, however we can, and stay positive.  Heart Friends allowed me to stay focused and positive!

Cecilia with her scrapbook

Whether you are crafty or not, and want to make a scrapbook, it can be a costly hobby. I often use non traditional embellishments, such as broken/unused jewelry, torn pages from old books, lace and trimming from old clothing, ect. You can find a large amount of tips here and I encourage you to browse through Layout Galleries for ideas and inspiration here

Some of the pages I created for Cecilia's book follow - all HLHS warriors who've provided me with incredible amounts of HOPE. 

I wish all of you the best of luck in your Journey.  Cecilia and I will be rooting for you!  ♥heart

~ Sarah, Mom to Cecilia (HLHS, 1 month old)

Thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing your creativity and incredible Heart Friends book with all of us.  It's certainly something Cecilia will cherish for many years to come!