Reach Out

You don't have to go through this alone. Sisters By Heart would like to offer our words of condolence.  If you would like to connect with families who have been through the similar experience of losing a child, please reach out for support.


Ady Dorsett


Ady joined the team of Sisters by Heart in 2015 to serve as support for grieving HLHS families. After losing her son Hayden in 2012, Ady, together with her husband, founded Hayden’s Heart INC and has made it her mission and priority to help other heart families and keep her sons memory alive. Through his legacy, Hayden’s Heart INC sends out care packages to recently grieving heart families as well as provides many other supportive initiatives to the heart community. Ady is also behind founding a Retreat for Mamas of Heart angels, an annual fall event created to support grieving mothers. Ady is honored to take on this role and hopes to help grieving families find ways to cope through their tragedy.

Alanna Stangroom


Alanna lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three daughters.  Her son, Benjamin passed away in January of 2016, from complications of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Pulmonary Vein Stenosis.  She strives to promote awareness for CHDs and help other parents find hope after loss.


Here are some pages and information we have collected to learn about hope after loss.

Reach out Information to connect with families who have lost a child with HLHS.
Hope After Loss Blog Collection of articles and blog posts for families.
Resources Some resources to explore when you are ready.
Healing of the Heart A retreat for Mamas of Heart Angels.