Monday, May 13, 2013

A Heartfelt Donation: Medical Masks in Anya's Memory

Many of our families appreciate most, our care packages which are specially designed for newly diagnosed HLHS families.  We're always humbled when families contribute to our care packages in honor and memory of their children. 

Today, we wanted to share a mom and daughter whom we hold close to our hearts.  What better way to honor her motherly instinct than helping other moms do the same. 

Karen and Anya Wockenfuss

I'm Karen Wockenfuss, and I consider myself blessed to be a heart mom. I found out at 19 weeks pregnant that my precious baby girl Anya had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. A parent never forgets those words "your baby has a congenital heart defect." She was born at 3:24 AM on August 27, 2012 weighing 6lbs 2oz. She had her Norwood procedure at two days old, and although the surgery went well she had a few complications afterwards (chylothorax and blood clots requiring lovenox injections). She also needed a feeding tube and had g-tube surgery at 6 weeks old. She finally came home on October 16, 2012, at 7 weeks old. Having her home was the best 15 days of my life, and I loved my new normal. I am a heart mom.

Karen's precious daughter, Anya

Anya suddenly passed away on November 3, 2012, for reasons unknown. I miss her so much. In becoming a heart mom I have met so many amazing, strong people, in those heart warriors still fighting and their parents. I am passionate about staying involved in the CHD community and keeping Anya's memory alive.

I make re-usable, machine washable face masks for adults and kids in cute prints. In Anya's memory, I am donating 50 of my adult face masks to Sisters By Heart to be included in their care packages. These will be especially useful for moms right after their baby has had the Norwood procedure. In addition to the initial 50, for every face mask I sell, I am also donating an additional one to Sisters By Heart.

To order your own face mask for $8 (or 2 for $15), please visit 'Crafting & Crochet by Karen' on Facebook:
To read the rest of Anya's story, please visit:

Thank you, Karen, for thinking of our families in your time of grief.  We know our families will truly appreciate this gift from your heart.  Karen has been busy and has already shipped 100 masks to Sisters by Heart for inclusion in our care packages!

They're such a perfect addition to our packages, as we always love to promote health and happiness during the interstage period!

Karen's generous donation in memory of Anya